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Artist Spotlight with Rico Jr.

Welcome to “Artist Spotlight”, our regular feature where you get to know the artists we work with.

Our first feature kicks off with Rico Jr. who created the wonderful Princess Mononoke poster for us back in September.

Rico Jr.

1) Talk us through your process for creating Princess Mononoke.

I’m always looking for a concept that mixes two images, shapes, characters to create one and the same visual. I start by sketching (by hand on paper) and then attack my artwork on Illustrator, as I work purely in vector. I also like to keep a pretty small range of colors for my posters.
Princess Mononoke - Rico Jr.

2) How old were you when you started illustrating and what did you create?

I think I’ve been drawing since I was a child. I loved reproducing the illustrations that were found in the Strange comic books I collected. Particularly Spider-Man.

3) What is the coolest thing a fan has done for you?

These fans were Teddy Sears and Grant Gustin, both from the CW “The Flash” TV Show. They wanted a copy of the poster I designed as fan art and they sent me back one signed which is framed now.

4) What are your top three movies?

The Back to the Future trilogy.

5) What is your favorite pastime?

Keep creating during the week and hanging out with my friends on the weekends.

6) What would be your one superpower?

I’d love to fly!

7) Which artist(s) inspire you?

Olly Moss.

8) What is the one thing that keeps you going?

The hope to work for official pop culture licenses and bring my touch to it. Everyone’s support on social media is also a great source of motivation.

9) If you were not an artist, what career would you have pursued?

I think I would have liked to become a professional footballer (soccer) to follow my father’s career.

10) Do you have any words of wisdom for artists starting out?

Keep creating, have fun doing it, and be as visible as possible on the internet.
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