Rising Talents

We are proud to be launching our rising talents program for aspiring, upcoming and established artists who have a passion for pop culture art and would like to showcase their talents. The chosen concept will be developed toward completion and published in our shop, with the artist receiving royalties per sale.


Am I able to enter?

We encourage all aspiring, upcoming and established artists with a passion for pop culture art to enter. 

How do I enter?

Simply enter your email to sign up to our Rising Talents distribution list. We will be sending new project briefs regularly, along with instructions on how to enter, so please keep an eye out on your inbox.

What would I need to submit?

For any given project brief, we require a well-defined concept on the particular topic outlined in the brief. The concept will need to be submitted in the topic outlined, within the time set and at the same dimensions, as mentioned within the brief. Along with the concept, please also provide a link to your portfolio so we can have a look at your prior work to get a better idea of the direction your concept will be going towards.

When do I need to enter by?

Each brief has a set time within which you can enter your concept piece for consideration.

How is a concept chosen?

Our experienced art directors will look at all concept submissions along with your prior art portfolio to decide which concept to take forward.

What will happen if my concept is chosen?

If your concept is chosen, we will work closely with yourself to develop the piece toward completion. 

Will I get paid for participation?

No reimbursements are provided for your initial concept submission. The artist with the chosen concept will receive royalties per sale for their published artwork, subject to our contractual agreement.

Will I receive feedback on my concept?

We will try to provide constructive feedback as much as possible however this will entirely be dependent on the number of submissions.

Can I enter into one brief multiple times?

Due to the volume of submissions, we require only one concept entry per person.

Can I enter multiple briefs?

You are free to enter into any and all briefs we run, as long as you enter once per brief.

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